Ideal Social Media Services for Your Business

There are many companies that utilize social media services to bring their business to wider markets. In addition, small businesses have also leveraged the power of social media to campaign their products. Using Twitter, for example, it is a popular way to take advantage of social media, but this is not enough. There are other social media sites that should also be used.

One problem facing the company owner is the lack of time to handle such marketing forms. This is why employers only choose premium social media services. Another advantage of using a paid service is your online marketing will be handled professionally. Well, how do you choose a good premium service, consider some of the following tips.

Get recommendations from your partners. Look for some of your partners who have hired social media services. Ask them how they found their social media marketers. Consider setting up an appointment with a recommended media service provider. Act your plan carefully and run it according to your plan.

In order to boost your confidence to social media service companies, there is nothing wrong with asking for a list of clients from prospective marketers that you will be renting. A professional social media services does not mind giving you their client contacts for your reference. Your goal is to find out if this client is satisfied or not, once you have contact with clients you can contact them and ask their satisfaction level.

If the company you are going to contract is an online business executive, then look at how they market their own business. Usually, People who offer online marketing also do business, and then you should ask their success. Their success in running a business is a reflection of the success you will get.

Look for proof of success; look for the achievement of the company you are going to contract. The more companies they have helped, the more trustworthy an online social media marketer is. Success stories are vital to increasing consumer confidence in the company.

Choose people with good public relations skills. Since you will meet people in cyberspace, then you must have a social media service provider who knows how to communicate well with others. How you handle people online determines the success of your online campaign.

Knows the strategy they use. Strategy is vital in carrying out marketing through social media. Make sure you know exactly what they can do for you, which include a list of tactics they can apply to take your business further.

If you are interested in social media services and want to grow your business through a proven Internet Marketing Service, make sure you work with best social media services in usa.


Online Education Makes Education More Affordable

The more expensive the cost of education makes college education more expensive; especially in the current bad economic situation where students barely get a loan to finance their studies. This can stop some students from pursuing higher education because of unaffordable educational costs. Thanks to the availability of online education that makes higher education more affordable and a better choice for students to get online degrees.

College education reports & funding surveys show that college tuition has increased by more than 400 percent from 1982 to 2007 while household income is unstable. The situation can get worse after a bad economy that leads to a recession, which can make higher education out of the reach of most students. An alternative education option is needed and online education is the solution, it makes college education more affordable for all people.

Online titles have been accepted wisely in the job market, most online students have no problem to use their online degree to start their career or find a job. During the up-time economy, online education is an alternative; students may choose to pursue their degree either online or at a brick-and-mortar university. However, when it comes to recession, the cost of education is a major consideration factor for many students, online education becomes a good choice for a better degree.

Most of the learning materials are in a downloadable format, helping students reduce the costs required in book purchases and print references. Students do not have to travel back and forth campus by attending online classes via internet connection, saving time and money for transportation. For students who take the traditional path to get a degree in brick-and-mortar universities, they may need to move to an area near the school if they go a long way. The cost of relocation can be saved if they choose alternative education options and get their degree online. With online education, distance is not a problem, any school offering online degree programs can be reached with a single click of a mouse. And education is at your fingertips.

Tuition for an online degree is cheaper than the same degree fee at a campus-based school. Since most teaching materials in online and class format are conducted through online learning systems that do not require physical classroom setting, online education provides a more affordable channel for students to pursue degrees from their computers through an internet connection. Most schools are offered to offer online degrees in a cheaper way without clarifying the quality of teaching.

Are You Looking for All the New Online Education Courses?

Online Education Courses

Several online universities have launched Diploma, certificate and even degree courses for Distance Education. These courses have been designed and even tailor made to suit the ongoing vocational demands. Learning is imparted synchronously and asynchronously depending on the convenience of the student. Synchronous mode involves online delivery. All the students coordinate with their trainer and are present all together. On the other hand asynchronous mode focuses on that online delivery where students access training materials, training videos, and interactive Computer Based Tutorials as and when it suits them.

Online education courses shape the career in a lucrative way giving an edge to the student over others since they have an educational degree along with relevant experience. Online courses are job-oriented. All you need to do is hunt for the right course then get enrolled in the best institute, complete the course with utmost dedication and on time. Thereafter wait for the calls from reputed companies.

Online education courses can be attained in several areas of concentration. Herein we have listed a few which are the most popular ones.

To explore the various courses that are available online read through the following lines:

Arts and Architecture

Fine Arts
Web design
Interior Design

Business and Management

Business Leadership
Business Management
Business Degree
Accounting and Finance
Information Systems
Human Resource
Business Administration
Retail Management
Health Care
IT – Project Management
IT – Business
Marketing and Sales


IT – Security
Database Technology
Web Development
e-Business and e-Commerce
Information Technology Visual Communications
Computer Information Systems
Computer Networking
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Information Systems

Health Care and Human Services

Theology and Divinity
Healthcare Management
Public Administration
Health Sciences
Social Science
Humanities and Liberal Arts
Social Work
Labor Relations
Criminal Justice


Engineering in Computer
Engineering in Electrical
Engineering in Mechanical

Some other popular streams:

General Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Program
Information Systems Security
Culinary Management
Tourism and Hospitality

Online education programs intend to offer degrees and certificates from accredited colleges and universities. These qualifications help the students meet all educational and vocational needs with just a few clicks.

Cost Benefits Through Business Organization Technology Assessment

Over the period of 10 years, a leading healthcare solution provider had been through merger and acquisition cycles integrating the offerings of the companies acquired into their line of business. Although, this garnered their business value offerings to the customers and broadened their market reach, it internally led to a disparate array of backend data sources ranging across: MS-Access, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. Similarly for the front end reporting needs, client uses multiple tools i.e. Power Builder, MS – Assess, Cognos and SAS.

Business Need

The key business challenges were:

• The current Data warehouse solution needs to be evaluated and re-architected, considering past and future business requirements.

• Currently, there are several resources that are focused in generating reports for various customers of client. Due to the current data warehouse design, disparate data sources and other unknown technical dependencies, time taken by these analysts is significant to generate the reports, thereby increasing the cost of conducting business.

• The usage of current BI/ DWH tools need to be evaluated and if required to be consolidated. The objective is to utilize those tools that are more pertinent to the business need, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

• Help to identify and automate overall ETL, OLAP and reporting process is a key element as this will help reduce manual dependencies, cause less human error and will be a good scalable option for similar or repetitive reporting needs from customers.

• Other challenge of providing timely delivery of reports to customers, due to complex internal environment set-up and dependencies on internal and external data feeds can be eliminated or minimized.


A Business Needs assessment includes an analysis of the underlying business drivers and objectives and overall context of business need that has been established for the client’s Data Warehouse. When business needs have been defined, the assessment process examines the approach to capturing business requirements, their completeness, the priorities of the requirements, and alignment of the data warehouse release strategy and deliverables to the needs.

The team conducted a high level assessment as follows:

• Interview with various Stakeholder i.e. Leadership team, Business subject matter experts, Technical subject matter experts, Infrastructure and IT, Business end users.

• Assessment of current technical architecture.

• Assessment of organizational and infrastructure readiness to support value transparency initiatives including key gaps.

• Assessment of cost/value improvement opportunities.

• Recommendation of high-level architecture and strategy to support defined information needs.

• Specific recommendations for short and long term improvements.

• Cost benefits analysis and ROI.

Organizational Assessment

An Organizational Assessment includes an examination of the existing organizational structure and identification of the roles and responsibilities of both IT and the business community that need to be addressed. Organizational readiness for warehousing is examined, including readiness to assume responsibility for ongoing technical and business support, business requirements definition, and front end applications enhancement.

Business Needs Assessment

A Business Needs Assessment includes an analysis of the underlying business drivers and objectives and overall context of business need that has been established for the data warehouse. When business needs have been defined, the assessment process examines the approach to capturing business requirements, their completeness and organization, the priorities of the requirements, and alignment of the data warehouse release strategy and deliverables to the needs.

Information Architecture Assessment

Information Architecture Assessment includes an analysis of logical data structures, their feasibility, completeness, documentation, and fit to business requirements. Information architecture assessment also includes analysis of data sourcing and transformation, the methods and assumptions applied, and validation of mappings to business requirements.

Technical Architecture Assessment

A Technical Architecture Assessment looks at current hardware, software and network infrastructure, and examines physical database designs. Technical architecture assessment seeks to identify any technical risks or constraints with regard to performance, maintenance, scalability, data distribution, disaster recovery, and sizing.

Architecture Approach

A high level technical approach that has been suggested is using SAS 9.2 to automate ETL, OLAP, Reporting, Dashboard and Data mining for client.


Deploying SAS Business Intelligence will enable the client to put reporting tools directly into the hands of its end users, ensuring consistent access to information for better decision making. Key benefits from the solution include:

• Reduced daily presentation time – Presentations for the monthly executive meeting are automatically generated, eliminating the technician time so they can spend more time on higher-level tasks.

• Reduced report creation time – Business users can access the reports they need and make changes and updates as needed, reducing the amount of time spent developing reports and requesting data.

• Automation of processes – Proposed ETL and Reporting automation using SAS Data integrator and Reporting studio

• Enhanced visibility – Because standard reports are updated monthly in a dashboard, they can quickly identify trends or problems.

• Improved data accuracy – Because users can access the data directly and automatically update key reports, they can ensure they always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate data.

• Optimized human resources – Because users can develop and customize their own reports, client has been able to significantly grow its reporting capabilities without adding reporting programmers: since the deployment more new reports have been created without IT intervention.

Holland Universities – 3 Tips to Find Top Universities in Holland

Are you curious about Holland Universities? Here are several tips to help you gather more info. Pay attention to them and you can save time and effort exploring what Dutch universities have to offer. In fact, many leading publications cite that universities in Holland are among the top 200 best universities the world over. Getting in any one of them will give you a great edge among your peers when it comes to your international European higher education.Tip 1 – Understand How Employers View The schools.Universities in The Netherlands are very well respected. When your prospective employer sees that you are a graduate of a university in Holland, they will immediately take a positive look at your credentials if it’s one of the top schools such as the University Rotterdam.Of course, being one of the best universities in the world means that the quality of education you have is also one of the best if not the best in the world.

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Tip 2 – Understand What It’s Like for Foreign StudentsPerhaps you’ve heard. Th fact is that the universities located in Holland are known for having a great international study environment. This may be the reason why these universities are popular among those who want to earn a degree in Europe. This can also be attributed to the fact that they are adhering to the policies set by the Bologna Declaration. This declaration which was signed by 29 European Countries’ Ministers of Education aims to make the academic degree standards as well as the quality assurance standards to be more similar and attuned all over Europe.Tip 3 – Investigate The Language RequirementsFor a non native speaker to get into a university in Holland, you need to show your skill in speaking the English language by taking the TOEFL or IELTS. There are scores set that you need to meet to gain entry in any Holland university.

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Non residents are required to secure a student visa for them to be able to study in Holland. Requirements for the application for the student visa must be complied with in order to have a greater percentage of getting that student visa.The bottom line is this. You should take the time to find out more if you are serious about enjoy an educational excursion in this lovely country. Follow these tips and you will be well ahead of the pack.